Breville Smart Oven Air

The Breville Smart Oven Air with the Element IQ is perfect for the cook for anyone who desires a countertop oven. It can allow users to roast for air-fry crispy French fries, large gatherings, as well as for family portions, and to dehydrate a variety of healthy foods. This air fryer appliance has a super convection setting that reduces cooking time by a maximum of 30% along with high crispness.

Breville Smart Oven Air fryer has a regular and super 2-speed convection air fan that offers all its users for higher cooking monitor and control. Super convection fan provides a volume of air in order to ensure fast and heat distribution. This appliance is perfect for dehydration, air frying, and roasting.


LCD Display

LCD Display allows more convenient access to the built-in smart functionality, that allows choosing from around 13 cooking functions. Besides, an integrated oven light can automatically turn on at the end of the cooking cycle process, or the touch of a button can even switch it.

Element IQ

The Element IQ is a newly established feature of an air fryer that has been added to Breville Smart Over Air that allows sensing along with PID temperature control technology. With the help of the Element IQ, around six Independent quartz of heating elements move the power to the area where it is most needed, even above or below the food for perfect results.


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