Krups Fry Delight

The Krups Fry Delight is a new low-fat fryer that makes tasty and crispy fried food with a little amount of oil or even without it. The 3D Air Pulse Technology is the main strength of this appliance. This new technology allows its users to cook food just by circulating hot air inside to cook food to a crisp with the same quality and consistency as it is when it is being cooked. With the help of this 3D technology, cooking became far more controlled with optimized airflow.

Time and Temperature

The time of Krups Fry Delight can be easily controlled by using a timer. However, the control functions of this appliance are a little bit basic if compared to other brands of air fryers that provide for more modern and advanced settings. But still, the users can monitor time along with the temperature from 300°F up to 390°F. There are also tiny marks in the outer side of the machine that lets users know the perfect temperature to select for specific foods, either frozen food or fries.



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