Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja Air Fryer is an easy and fast way to cook favorite foods and snacks in a short period. Ninja Air Fryer ensures the circulation of the hot air around the food for crispy, quick, and golden finishes, each time you cook. The smart processor of the Ninja Air Fryer delivers a wide range of temperatures while powering the fan that can automatically adjust the fryer speeds based mainly on the cooking function. This air fryer allows its users to crisp and cooks the variety of foods, like, for instance, the maximum of 0.9 kg, which is around two lb., of French fries. Besides, users can use the only little amount of oil and even no oil at all in a family-sized 3.78 L (around four qt.) ceramic-coated basket. Since Ninja AirFryer has a varied choice of the temperature, it gives all its users the ability and access to bake, roast, air fry, dehydrate, or even reheat foods.


Ninja Air Fryer has the following features:

Dimensions of Ninja Air Fryer:

Auto-adjust fan

Besides, Ninja Air Fryer has an auto-adjust fan which is a new innovative fan that automatically adjusts the speeds that are mainly based on the cooking function.

Variable temp control

Ninja Air Fryer has variable temp control, which allows users to take control of the whole cooking temperature for each preparation process of snack and meal.


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